Learn all about Artificial Intelligence, how it works, what hardware and software you need to get started, what the areas of AI research are and their state of advancement.


Use tools which take the guesswork out of building AI models for your specific application and build your own model. Choose to make it opensource or proprietary.


Earn rewards for your model. Earn X (DigitX) if your model is open source or royalty payments if its kept proprietary.


Connect with other community members and discuss ways to improve your models, find out about cutting edge research or contribute your own.

About Us

AI Exchange is an On Demand platform for deep learning neural networks. AI is already changing the way the world works but it still has a long way to go. We believe that big projects like AI need to be done in the open so that the global community gets to have a say on how the technology evolves.

Our platform tackles this challenge by creating a decentralised database of neural network models that is available globally. Platform users will be able to view open source models, make suggestions for improvement and score models according to various factors including utility and the potential for misuse.